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Learning the Alexander Technique is similar to learning to play an instrument. It needs discipline and practice. The difference is that this time the instrument is yourself. The outcomes are your health,  and feeling good under your skin.


about Me.

Hello. I’m Marietta Simarro. I was an accountant dreaming to be an actress, a photographer, a lawyer, a scientist… until I came across with the Alexander Technique and found my dreamed job: a passion that at the same time can help people. It wasn’t love at first sight. I couldn’t make sense of it in my first lessons, 15 years ago. But, I gave it a go and gradually the changes and the reward exceeded my expectations. Not only it improved my voice and performance, but also many other aspects beyond the stage. The changes took place slowly and steady. These small steps are still giving me lasting improvements in my everyday life. However, the biggest reward for me is to help others the same way my teachers helped me in this journey.


My focus.

My teaching is based on a tradition that developed a very specific way to use the hands in teaching. We use our hands to communicate more accurately with the students and be able to bring about changes that wouldn’t be possible just by talking.

That’s what we call Alexander hands-on skill.
Private lessons

One on one lessons is the best way to learn, no matter what your level is or how much experience you have.


Introductory workshops can be provided either general public or with specific groups: musicians, actors, singers, etc.


Small groups of two or three people are available for trainees and teachers that want to practice hands-on with guidance.

House calls

Only as an exception, when someone has serious mobility problems.


Pricing Table.

Private lessons


Per lesson

  • Second lesson per week $40
  • Third lesson per week $30


Per lesson

  • Students
  • Seniors 65 years of age
Lessons Pack


Per 10 lessons

  • 10 lessons paid in advance $450

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