To fight COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Individual Responsibility and Prevention

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash
Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

In Alexander Technique we highlight the importance of individual responsibility and prevention. This approach takes a new dimension with the coronavirus outbreak. How individuals behave is going to be crucial to stop this virus. The difference that we can make with other countries in Europe is to put public health before social live.

If you love your friends, family, work mates, acquaintances, neighbours, keep your distances and use your social media instead. Follow the experts advice, be informed daily, and don’t forget to wash your hands. The sooner we start changing our habits the better. If we wait until the Government enforce extreme measures the consequences will be devastated. Read what is happening in Italy and Spain. It is human nature to think that we are more clever than the others, that we have everything under control, that we know better, that nobody tells me what to do. Drop all that because, no matter how many excuses you come up with, the coronavirus is going to follow his path, and very fast. Learn everything you can from reliable sources so you can behave accordingly and stop the two extremes: panicking or reality denial.

There is a lot of talk of the economic impact. That is another reason to keep in mind. Spreading the coronavirus to a larger number of people because you don’t follow the advice is more expensive to the long run than preventive measures. For example: You keep working and behaving business as usual although you are having flu like symptoms. You are sure you don’t have the virus because you haven’t travel or been in contact with a known case. So, you really don’t know if have it or not, and you shouldn’t ask for a test because weather you have it or not the treatment is the same, self-isolation and paracetamol. So best case scenario you have spread the flu to others and make them worried, and helping to gradually collapse the health system. The worse case scenario is replicating in Australia what your read in the news.

I’ve chosen to stop working for two weeks (although I have no symptoms) because the community spread is starting. Right now everything feels under control and calm but things can spin out of control very rapidly. I live in Sydney but I’m Spanish, so I’ve seen how fast the situation changed in Spain. (For your information, I haven’t visit Spain or travel abroad since June last year. I haven’t been in contact with any known case.) I have hopes in Australia because I can see signs of private companies and individuals taking action. We have seen the epicentres as their worst China and Italy. Let’s no repeat their mistakes and follow the advice that they give to us now: social distancing, not buy panicking and stay home. Don’t be a transmitter.

Be responsible and prevent the spread.
It is in our hands, so wash them.